One of the most important spaces exhibiting the Cuban aboriginal culture is El Guafe Archaeological Trail, located in the southeastern Cuban province of Granma, specifically in the marine terraces of the Cabo Cruz area.

This site covers about 500 square meters, where the flora and fauna have very particular characteristics; plants such as almácigo, jagüey and carolina, grow next to shrubs and beautiful wild flowers that shelter reptiles, amphibians and birds of great scientific value.

It is also located in an area of high-altitude marine terraces whose southern portion emerges from the Caribbean Sea and the western coasts belong to the Gulf of Guacanayabo where the waters are shallow and relatively calm.

The discoveries made up to now in this archaeological zone showed that the aboriginal community was already in place some 150 years before the arrival of the Spaniards in Cuba and that some 75 years later they still inhabited those places.

In El Guafe Archaeological Trail, a series of caves were opened that served to carry out the funeral services of the aboriginal communities and since the 40s, numerous vessels and skeletons have been found in the cave area closest to the coast.

El Guafe Archaeological Trail

Another cavern of great archaeological evidence, is the Funerary Cave, which at the beginning was completely bricked up to not allow access to it, by removing them it was found that there were 6 idols carved in stalagmites that were supposed to be the guardians of the buried there.

In one of these caves, better known as the Idol of the Water Cave, the custom of going down to take the fresh water and wet the face with your hands, at which time you must ask for three wishes.

Scholars and lovers of Cuban aboriginal culture discover in El Guafe Archaeological Trail the path to feel closely the meaning of life and death that our ancestors staged.

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