Niquero is a city in the province of Granma, Cuba. It is located in the coastal region of the province, along with other municipalities that border the Gulf of Guacanayabo. In this locality is also Punta de Inglés in Cabo Cruz, which represents the most southern point of Cuba.
The coastal municipality of Niquero is a major producer of sugar in Granma province and the country with its sugar industry, which is among the largest producers of grass in Cuba.

Casa Paraíso Azul in Niquero, Granma is a family house that from the height of its viewpoint will allow you to see through the vinoculars the intense blue of the sea and the keys closest to the city. The house is located nearby the main street, and in its surroundings…
  • Air conditioning + Private Bathroom
  • Terrace and/or Garden + Parking available
  • English spoken