The summer is here and in BBInn we care about your vacations health :-), so here is our top 5 list of the best destinations for the season: Varadero, Viñales Valley, Trinidad, Havana and Cienfuegos. These destinations allow the tourists to discover the most legitimate roots of our traditions. Knowing the beaches, the nature, and the emblematic places, together with luxurious lodging houses offered by BBInn, is the guarantee of an unforgettable stay at the Greatest Isle of the Antilles.

Amazing places in which you can get to know the most exquisite of the Caribbean culture, our natural beaches, cities and its ecstatic people. Cuba is, without question, a country full of charming, not to mention that along this year more than two millions of tourists looking for fun, culture, and quietness, have visited the Island.

BBInn offers them during staying in each destination site, luxurious residences with all the facilities and comfort needed that will guarantee unforgettable tour trips. All over the Island, the Agency counts with a total of 2504 rent lodging houses at the time of writing this article.

Among the destinations registered by the Agency for enjoying the summer, we count with the TOP FIVE of this semester in year 2018: Varadero, Viñales Valley, Trinidad, Havana and Cienfuegos, charming places we suggest to our visitors if they prefer to spend an exclusive summer full of diverse touristic attractions.


Varadero beach
If you are in Cuba, there is no way you can miss the beach of Varadero, among the best beaches in the world

Varadero is the tourist destination par excellence of Cuba. The resort town is located on the northern coast of the Cuban province of Matanzas, on the Hicacos peninsula. Nature has favored this beautiful place with one of the best beaches in the world and also worldwide known for its crystal clear waters and white sands.

Varadero is frequented by tourists from all over the world, although Canadians, Germans and French choose to spend their holidays more often in these beautiful beaches. The city provides several accomodation oportunities, which includes more than 40 hotels and over 55 casas particulares registered in our site. Among these we suggest our best ranked houses in the destination: Casa Bettymar, Casa Bebita Home and Casas Isorazul, great casas that will make your stay a memorable holiday, but if you want to take a deep look at other properties please check our Varadero listings.


Viñales Valley destination is considered a natural world heritage by UNESCO covers a wide fauna and flora that are the main wonders of the place. The magnificent krast landscape, amazing mogotes almost vertical and impressive vegetation are present in this site where the tourists can arrive and enjoy the most confortable private residences offered by BBinn, to host the visitors once they finish their daily activities. Among the lodging houses the most outstanding are: Casa Villa Emilio Cesar (Los Dulceros); Casa Papito and Diana; Casas Villa Los Pandaderos and Casa El Balcon Mignelys & Juanito.

The tourist will also be able to know the Valley, the wild village, “El Palenque”, the nearby caves, from which stands out: “La Cueva del Indio”, as well as one the main attractions that is the main interest of all that get close to those sites, the well-known prehistoric painting wall that covers an area of 120 and 160 length and where the natives are represented, mammals species, gigantic animals and diverse mollusk.


Oldtimer in Trinidad
An oldtimer in the streets of Trinidad

One of the first villas founded in Cuba, Trinidad is at present, one of the colonial cities best preserved in America for its relevant architecture. Also known as the Museum City, here the tourist will enjoy the charming of the Botanic Garden; the Sugar Mills Valley and the natural springs pools and the Trovadour’s House. And as you wish you will be able to visit a lot of local stores, eat fresh fruits, drink coffee or cool lemonade with sugar cane, all these can be discovered at very center of the city.

Among the 606 lodging houses located in town that are enabled by the Agency, they can find the hostels: Casa Hostal Yanara Fambyh, Casa de Miriam, Casa El Ceramista, all of them; very spacious, where comfort, leisure and a kind service are guaranteed.

We should also mention that you can’t miss to visit Trinidad for those that prefer a close and direct contact with natural sceneries, so there is; Topes de Collantes, a protected landscape considered a natural memorial of our nation, in which you will be able to go hiking to the mountains.


An oldtimer in Havana's Malecon
A Malecon tour in a oldtimer is the best way to know Havana

The Cuban capital is known as one of the new Wonders Cities in the world. While you walk through Havana streets you can get into our rich culture, to enjoy the Malecon’s wall waves, the sun and the crowd’s noisy singing, smiling with pleasure, playing domino on every corner or smoking an aromatic Cuban cigar. Walking through Havana streets means to get into its arts and history.

In this splendid destination the tourists will have the opportunity to visit the Capitol, The Grand Theater of Havana, and Hemingway’s house, the Floridita restaurant among other many pathways that are essential parts of this distinguished city that is celebrating its 500 anniversary of foundation and that counts with a rich history, a very well preserved site that is the visitor’s greatest amazing attraction.

For staying in Havana, BBInn offers 536 lodging houses, among there are: Casa Doris and Casa Central Yard inn; both located in the center of Vedado and Casa Botello in Center Havana. Come and visit a place that will be really authentic and unforgettable.


The Marti park in the center of Cienfuegos
The Marti park in the center of Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos is another proposal that BBinn offers where the visitors will be pleased with, to admire the eclectic architecture that preserves an exuberant neoclassical decoration.

The surrounding region is one of the most colorful and fertile of the country in this destination you can find one of the Cuban harbors. The Botanic Garden, “Jose Marti” park and the Malecon pathway are only some of the most outstanding sites to walk around the city and it also counts with a varied lodging houses among which are Casa Zunilda y Raya and Casa de los Delfines, and at the very center of Cienfuegos you can find Casa Chinlsi, the Hostel Casa Azul among others, each one counts with the necessary comfort that you may prefer to enjoy this valuable stay.