A unique sight turns out to be a visit to Cienfuegos Botanical Garden, which holds one of the biggest palm tree collections around the world. The foundation of this one-of-a-kind place dates back to 1901 and from that very moment on has been closely linked to Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Cienfuegos Botanical Garden comprises 97 hectares, which harbors over 2 000 plant species, among them the collections of palm trees, orchids, bamboo, jagüeyes (Ficus), and medical plants.

This beautiful Eden its located at about 15 kilometers of Cienfuegos city and you can get there by the road that leads to Trinidad, one of the firsts villages founded by Spanish settlers.

The main goal of this institution is to preserve the existing collection and boost new species through botanical studies and scientific research; in this way this natural heritage facility preserves itself, and maintains its world-class renown.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Cienfuegos Botanical Garden, which is rated as one of the best tropical gardens in the world and the oldest in Cuba. Beautiful preserved orchids stand out in its landscapes. These orchids are carefully attended following meticulous processes of extension and reproduction.Besides, you will be able to enjoy exquisite Cuban cuisine in a cozy restaurant located at the end of the tour through the hundred-year palm tree collection. You must visit this true Heaven on Earth paradise, treasured in the south center part of the Island.

You can easily have access to Cienfuegos Botanical Garden if you choose to stay in one of our houses located in Sancti Spíritus and Cienfuegos, where kind treatment and comfort will make you come back and witness Cuban natural beauties.