Cienfuegos, city of sea and countless touristic attractions, transcends due to its patrimonial value and genuine traditions. Its castles, and its seawall stand as faithful witnesses of a presumptuous existence, which turns this city, located in the center-south part of Cuba (approximately 245 km from Havana) into one of the most beautiful on the island.

Renowned for the cleanliness of its streets, the friendliness of its people and for being the birthplace of the one-of-a-kind Benny Moré, La Perla del Sur is also well-known due to the uniqueness of owning the only Cuban Arc de Triomphe.

History records that there were five Arcs de Triomphe erected in this territory on May 20th , 1902 to celebrate the birth of the Republic. They say that the idea came from within the Revolutionary Club, led by Rita Suárez del Villar (La Cubanita), and that the works were carried out voluntarily by city workers.

The execution proposal came from the master builder Antonio Ferrer, who proposed the construction of a structure in the classic way of those existing in France and Italy. With the support of lodges, trusts and companies, on May 1st, 1902, it began to be executed by recognized builders and carpenters. In the Diego Clark’s smelting workshop, all the letters were cast in bronze, and at dawn on May 19th it stood on the Plaza, the Arch, between the palms that accompany him till today.

The also known as Arco de los de Obreros is located in the former Plaza de Armas, today José Martí Park. On the occasion of his 115th anniversary, the work was restored with the support of the Cuba Cooperation (CubaCop) association and the union UFM-CGT, France signed an agreement to finance the work.

Cienfuegos’ Arc de Triomphe is the only one of its kind in Cuba since there is no news of another similar construction in the country, hence it is presented as one of the symbols of the territory. And it supposes, undoubtedly, another symbol of identity for this city that boasts a beauty that charms to those who visit it.