Sierra Maestra Mountains and a charming scenery can be found in La Sierrita, located in Bartolomé Masó, more than 50 kilometers from Bayamo city. In La Sierrita you can find excellent services and comfortable places, and thanks to its location on the west side of Sierra Maestra Mountains, is a principal road to the historical site La Comandancia of Fidel Castro in La Plata and to the Turquino Peak, the highest elevation in Cuba, at 1974 meters above the sea level.


A river in the Sierra Maestra mountains

Within the most attractive options you can find in this region is the footpath to El Salto del Cimarrón, where nature is all beauty and adventure comes true. Visitors can enjoy several birds singing like the cartacuba, whose trills, according to locals, predict a pleasant trip. Outsiders can also see the smallest bird in Cuba, the zunzún, an amazing sight that will make of this an unforgettable event.

To observe the spectacular sight in this scenery is worth to go footpath over seven kilometers where the view is hold by the natural surroundings. Endemic flora, the taste of exotic fruits from the mountains, a bath in flowing water and local history bless El Salto Del Cimarrón, a natural place in the Colorado River. This is a paradise that Granma Province provides to visitors.


A small village in the Sierra Maestra mountains

In the footpath you can find historical places, full of legends, that’s the reason it is called El Salto del Cimarrón. A legend talks about slave Negroes who run from their masters and achieved to escape and kept in silence this shelter for years.

In La Sierrita, the rooms are somehow rustic and were built to satisfy visitors who prefer a natural environment. It offers a variety of options, like cabins with air condition, comfortable beds and double beds, bathroom, tents, designed areas to take care people’s belongings that receive specific services to develop different activities.

If you have lodging options in Bayamo, Manzanillo or in Santiago de Cuba you will have an accessible way to this exciting journey through the beautiful mountains of this part of Cuba.