Puerto Padre is one of the eight municipalities in the province of Las Tunas. It is called the pearl of the northern side of Las Tunas and it is said that more than 500 years ago the Spanish vessels used this coasts as the discovery point of this side of the world.

It is known that the village was officially founded in 1790, but there are some hints that it was a small population in the 16th century when the PORTUS PATRIS denomination started to appear in the so called “New World” charts.

Puerto Padre is a very attractive site with several traditions. It the hometown of many cuban celebrities such as the famous boxer Teófilo Stevenson and the musician Emiliano Salvador. It used to be also a town with a lot mills that´s why it is also known as the Mills Blue Village.

Ernesto Carralero Boch, the historian of the city, asserts that to Puerto Padre wind mills arrived from the hand of capitalism as well. It was since January 30th, 1902 when the sugar mill named “Chaparra” started to produce sugar under the control of an American company the “Chaparra Sugar Company”. Before that time locals used to get water from handicrafts wells and after that wind mills started to be part of the daily life to pump water from those wells.

Puerto Padre: The Blue village of Cuba

The small town has become and bigger city along the years and today is distinguish site in the cuban eastern geography due to its privileged location. Its land so close to the Atlantic Ocean provides the city economic development, that is the case of the sugar mill Antonio Guiteras one of the biggest in Cuba (with a very important sugar derivation product plant), the salt and mine industry in the port of Carúpano in Juan Claro cay and the beautiful touristic site Covarrubias Village.

For those who visit Puerto Padre will enjoy an unforgettable stay. It is a city that opens its doors to the visitors with a singular Arquitecture and unmeasurable charms. A district considered among the most beautiful in Cuba, highly rated due to the cleanliness of its streets, promenades, avenues, its loving waterfront (malecon) and its amazing bay.

All its attractive things make you fall in love with this city, that´s why all the people from this place they die with a very strong proud of their precedence. It´s been like that for ages and it will be through the times, no matter the place or when was the last time you visited the proud of being from Puerto Padre never dies…