It is true that in Barcelona stands Casa Fuster, a building recognized for its modernist architecture, designed and created by Lluís Domènech i Montaner in the early twentieth century. But in Cuba we have Fusterland, also known as Callejón de Fuster; a small city of ilusions that the artist José Rodríguez Fuster has created in the neighborhood of Jaimanitas.

Located west of Havana, near the boundary with Artemisa province, it is located the coastal town of Jaimanitas; a site whose popularity has grown from the hand of this community project that Fuster has turned his home and surrounding areas in a large art gallery.

Fusterland is the result of the genius of this artist, ventured to show his work from the purest essence. His creations have crossed the borders of his home -studio- workshop, monopolizing around with sculptures and murals exhibiting different shades and hues of Cuban culture.

The beauty of this crocodile-shaped island, the majesty of a dancer who recalls the National Ballet of Cuba and the figure of Alicia Alonso, a whale, flags, palms, flowers, influences of Spaniards Antoni Gaudi and Pablo Picasso, the Granma Yacht, sayings on steps, ceilings and walls, strictly decorated in mosaics, come together to make this side-street unique in its land; Fuster’s land; Fusterland.

Plastic artists like Kcho, Fabelo, Zaida del Rio and Chocolate have joined the project as well as international figures who have contributed their complicity to make this area a favorite of visitors seeking, eager, to discover the artistic values of a mural that flirts with becoming the largest in the world.

Although it is located on the outskirts of Havana (3rd A Ave. and 3rd C Ave.), it has several interesting sites nearby for its cultural, recreational and touristic attractions such as Marina Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea Hotel, Havana Club, Palco Shopping Center, Cucalambé Restaurant, Cueva del Zorro Bar, Santy Pescador and Conventions Palace of Cuba.

Fusterlandia, is, then, a small paradise of emerging art, which you can fully enjoy as part of the itinerary of our Havana Day Tour. A path that prioritizes the details because, although Cuba and Havana have been fashionable, there are still much, much charms to unveil in this land.