Impressive and majestic stands in the heart of the city of Bayamo, in the southeastern Cuban province of Granma, the Wax Museum, one of its kind in Cuba, which turns out to be, by its singularity, one of the emblematic institutions of the city.

In its spacious room, it has a score of life-size human figures, modeled in polychromed wax representing artists, writers, musicians, sportsmen and traditional figures of Cuban culture.

Benny Moré in the Bayamo’s Wax Museum

The sculptures of the prestigious musicians Benny Moré, Compay Segundo, Polo Montañés, Sindo Garay and Carlos Puebla are highly appreciated in the institution’s heritage, waxworks whose precision is striking.

The image of the young Italian Fabio Di Celmo, victim of terrorism against Cuba also enjoys great acceptance by visitors. Giustino di Celmo, father of the young martyr, sent from his homeland a complete football player outfit that belonged to his son and today wore by the replica.

Compay Segundo in the Bayamo’s Wax Museum

Frequent reactions on some people who visit the museum are curious and friendly, since the accuracy of the figures makes us think that we are facing real human beings. One of the most interesting stories belongs to the myth that exists around the clock placed in the waxwork of the outstanding Cuban musician Juan Formell, who’s alarm was going off for a year, exactly at 3 and 20 in the afternoon, something that aroused numerous legends, because the creator of the songo, also died at 3 and 20, but in the early hours.

This attractive site, located in the central street General Garcia, also exhibits statues of the heroes Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, and José Martí, along with those of the novelists Ernest Hemingway and Gabriel García Márquez. Every year to celebrate the Cuban Culture Day a new piece is added to this important collection, which also has figures of native birds of our countryside.

The Wax Museum of Bayamo was inaugurated on July 14, 2004 and plays an important role in the socio-cultural life of Granma with the realization of varied areas devoted to children, youth and seniors. If you stay in one of our houses in Bayamo city you can get thrilled with the vivid images of relevant personalities of history, culture and sports in Cuba and the rest of the world.