The well-known BBinn Agency, outstanding for counting with a great amount of Casas Particulares along the island, guarantees in every destination chosen by the tourist, a great satisfaction.

Baracoa known as the primate city of Cuba, is the first villa founded in Cuba, it is one of the most excellent destinations included in a wide extended list of BBinn. It is located at the most eastern part of the island at Guantánamo province. It offers such a great variety of attractions to those travelers that decide to enjoy a love catching environment.

As soon as you arrive, the tourists will find themselves in a surrounding of exuberant natural life, that will enable them to enjoy a full stay and enjoy a lot of pastime activities. Beautiful and fascinating fortresses from XVIII century are an example of the natural treasures that this zone counts with.

In this charming city there are a lot of colonial houses offered by the agency as lodging: a total of 80, with diverse characteristics according to the tourist’s preferences; these residences, will enable the visitors to experience the magic of surroundings since they guarantee calm and comfort.

One of the places you should visit after arriving is The Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción”, where they exhibit the holy cross, a gift of the Pope John Paul II during his visit to our Island, considered a treasure of the nation and a national memorial. For having a whole walk around through the temple the visitor can also visit the Matachin and the Archeology Museum.

The primate of Cuba, not only shows its charming during the day, at sunset; the crowd city life increase and it offers the tourist to go deeper into national cultural life: Cuban popular music takes the floor at night in places like “the troubadour’s house”, the cultural center “La Guantanamera”, or the “Changui House”, to end with, a night at “the Restaurant 1870”, which is in charged on making the fellow diners to be delighted by an exquisite regional plate, el bacán; a dish made of green plantain.

On the other hand, for the tourists that would prefer natural surroundings; Baracoa is one of the best destinations to enjoy a close contact with nature. Among the diverse sites to discover, you can find the bay that besides of being a charming place, surrounded by countless mangrove trees colonies, and the manatee housing, the only marine herbivore mammal, it also offers water trips by rowboats.

Besides, for those hiking loving travelers there are more than eight ideal areas to practice nature tourism. Among the greatest attractions there is “The National Park Alejandro de Humboldt”, a World Cultural Heritage Site, that combines both a place with a wild, historical and traditional environment.

All the charming of the beautiful city makes that visitors don’t hesitate to visit again this fascinating colonial large city and those who have not had the opportunity of visiting this villa can not miss the chance of travelling to this paradisiacal refugee of Cuban geography, where they will guarantee the best experience with surprising excursions and a comfortable stay for tourists.