Efficiency and politeness are qualities marking the BBinn agency. Those tourists that are interested on the excellent offer we render should just get in contact with us through e-mail and book your reservation to destination choice. We count with 2417 Casas Particulares along the island, that enable us to satisfy the diverse preferences for each visitor.

You would be completely pleased, for sure; you will return back to continue discovering more about the fascination of a large colonial city and the different memorials and heritage charming treasured by the Greatest Isle of the Antilles. The guarantee of a luxurious stay will be offered by BBinn residences.

1. Casa Villa Emilio Cesar (Los Dulceros)

Casa Villa Emilio Cesar (Los Dulceros)

At present, offering their guests a delicious dessert is more than a service, it is in fact; a tradition. This is a residence in which the tourists will meet astonishing landscapes full of exuberant natural life, able to catch the heart of those who are able to admire it. Amazing sight views with mogotes, limestone hills, almost vertical; with rounded shaped tops with a vegetation getting high altitudes.

The comfort and a good service are the distinctive marks of Casa Villa Emilio Cesar (Los Dulceros), who promise the visitors a healthy leisure time and an amazing full stay in a residence that counts with a wide range of attractions you can’t miss like: “The Indian Cave” (La Cueva del Indio) and the Prehistorical Mural Painting. Without mentioning that this lodging house is number one on top of BBinn lodging booking list because apart from harmony and comfort, you can enjoy there; it takes part in a touristic destination that means a perfect option, for those who desire to go into an unforgettable mountainous ecosystem.

2. Casa Papito and Dania

Casa Papito & Dania

This is the second residence that is included into TOP FIVE of our lodging houses. A beautiful mountain house located just at 8 kilometers of Vinales Valley center and 150 meters from “Rancho San Vicente” hotel. With a beautiful double private room with any of each facility needed for enjoying a distinguished stay, the tourists will arrive to a house in which you will face a natural environment, ideal to enjoy calm and quietness.

A scenery that enables the tourists to count with an exquisite fauna and flora. At the same time, can be able to explore each and every attraction of Viñales Valley and develop a nature tourism in which undoubtedly will combine a wild environment, history and a lot of fun.

3. Casa El Balcón

Casa El Balcón

The fascination of a colonial large city: nature, a city with magic and charming can be found at Casa El Balcón, located in Baracoa. This is a modern residence, with a room rent space enabled at the upper floor of the house, with a private entrance gate, offering a greater privacy to the guest. This counts with all the facilities to spend an enjoyable journey. The balcony of the house is one of the favorite place of visitors, getting to be the space room in which you can have breakfast or dinner several times, since they can also admire the city and sea sight view.

A lodging house surrounded by an amazing vegetation that for sure, will catch the attention of those visitors that prefer natural sites. Baracoa is undoubtedly, one of the best destinations to enjoy a close contact with nature where you can’t miss visit the different and fascinating sites among which are: “The Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion de Baracoa” and the bay, which besides being a charming area surrounded by abundant mangrove trees plantations offers the visitors amusing water trips with rowboats. Casa El Balcón, a quiet place in which a good service is offered beyond question.

4. Casa Colonial Carina

Casa Colonial Carina

This lodging house is also located in Baracoa, specifically; in the center of the city, it is located at two blocks from Central Park, The Cathedral, The Troubadour’s House and other diverse attractions. The second floor is exclusive for guests, includes a spacious room with pertinent facilities and a balcony with a sea view. The Cuban typical food, varied and very tasty is the distinctive mark of this residence. The guests are always welcome with natural juices, a hot chocolate, and pure Cuban coffee farmed in the city fields. These are free offers, a friendly and warm welcome that is given to the tourists that decide to stay at this colonial house where they will be able to enjoy every and each city attractions, like the museums, the cultural center “La Guatanamera”, “The Changui House”, among others.

The owners, at the same time; offer a taxi service, massage as well as bikes rent and will guarantee their respect and friendship. Without mentioning that “The Colonial House”, is one of the favorite houses of tourists that visit Baracoa, ranging among TOP FIVE of BBinn Casas Particulares.

5. Casa Hostal Yanara Fambyh

Casa Hostal Yanara Fambyh

Casa Hostal Yanara Fambyh, is located in Trinidad, it is at the Historical Center, near Santa Ana Square. As the majority of our lodging houses, it also counts with a private entrance gate. A wide balcony room with a city and sea view, a site that shows itself as a relaxation place to enjoy a great part of the area view sight. From Casa Hostal Yanara Fambyh, the tourist can enjoy the different attractions of this delightful large city, also known as the “museum city”. This is outstanding by treasuring the most beautiful jewels of Cuban colonial architecture and it possesses one of the most natural admirable natural landscapes of the Island. The hostess of the residence is the psychologist, Yanara and the architect, Jose Enrique (Fambyn) who will grant you with a warm welcome and also will guarantee a comfortable and an unforgettable stay.