The Emilio Cesar´s housing villa, or also called “Los Dulceros”, is located at Viñales valley. The residence, among other diverse courtesies, offers the tourist different kinds of sweets as: candies, pastry, and even cakes. This is precisely the speciality of the house. That´s why; they are known as “the pastry cooks”.

The origin of this nickname comes from year 2000 when the villa´s host, Emilio Cesar together with his wife, Idalmis, were working as pastry cooks. They were well known all over Viñales as such, each celebration meant a hard working day to this restless couple who did´n t give up their desire of serving and do it always the best as they could.
Nowadays, even when they don´t continue being pastry cooks, they do keep their traditions of offering their costumers a tasty dessert, that in fact; will be accompanied by the kindness and courtesy of each member of the family, which will guarantee the soon returning back of the tourist to the “Los Dulceros”.

With a 24 hours service, Emilio Cesar ´s Housing Villa “The pastry cooks”, has taken part of the lodging housing system for four years now to those tourists that would prefer to be conquered by the most legitimate surrounding of our Island: Viñales Valley.

A residence where visitors will get to make themselves home, with the difference that they also will enjoy a wonderful natural environment here, with striking landscapes that provoke fascination and ecstasy on everyone who is able to admire them.

Comfort, a good service and politeness are the exclusiveness of this villa. You can´t miss it, a bit of sugar: beginning with the welcome sweet or the morning coffee, they offer you together with a wide and friendly smile, a host´s gift which are the distinctive specialities of “The pastry cooks” and that make this residence to be number one on top of a varied range of residences registered by BBinn Agency.

An excellent security and unequal beauty in every and each space. “The pastry cooks” offers the tourists a healthy leisure time and an amazing stay in a residence that counts with varied attractions that you can´t miss and visit, among which you can find: “The Indian Cave” (la Cueva del Indio), “The Wild Small Village, “El Palenque” (La Aldea Cimarrona), and The Prehistorical Mural Painting.

A touristic destination that will mean a perfect choice, if you want to take part in this unforgettable mountainous ecosystem.