Trinidad, the Cuban so called museum city is outstanding for having the most beautiful Cuban colonial architecture jewels. It was named on its foundation as: “Villa de la Santísima Trinidad” (Holly Trinity Villa), and it was declared World Cultural Heritage Site since 1988. Besides its cobbled-stones streets, its beautiful main stair cases and showing the best Latin American buildings collection from XVIII, XIX and early XX centuries; the city treasures one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the Island.

Known as “Topes de Collantes”, the protected landscape, is located at a few kilometers from the historic city center with an extension of 12 500 hectares. This natural memorial is one of the greatest touristic attractions of the city for those who are into mountainous hiking excursions and it counts with an exuberant flora and fauna with endemic species. Climbing the valley is one of the best extraordinary view sights of the country.

Really, quite a great amount of people decides to visit Trinidad and to find lodging in our magnificent home housing places where they can be able to get to a varied touristic attractions designed for those that prefer natural sceneries, among the main charming places is the park “La Represa”, where visitors arrive to a botanical garden lodging the most ancient Cuban mahogany tree. At the same time, you will find the Ecological Way, with an approximately one kilometer length where hikers can appreciate beautiful pine trees, eucalyptus and palm trees and several ferns species and a wide collection of orchids. The visitors will also find “La Isla de los Enamorados”, and “La Cueva de Altar”, where you can get to the view point and be delighted with the Sugar Mills Valley view sight, the Ancon beach and the very city center.

Other charming attractions of this site are the famous therapeutically mud baths at the ranch and the seven natural pools of curative waters belonging to the caves system.

The natural reservoir “Topes de Collantes” is undoubtedly, the perfect place for nature lovers tourists besides the varied attractions it offers, the place allows visitors to discover an environment that invites both meditation and hiking practice.

Be pleased with the experience that for sure, will make you return back to one of most outstanding protected landscapes in the Greatest Isle of the Antilles.