Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, has plenty of charms. It is a colonial city, boasting patrimonial values of more than five centuries of history. And it is that the city that was founded in 1514 as Villa de la Santísima Trinidad, lures thousands of visitors every year.

In Trinidad, as in no other place, private accommodations are becoming more and more important. Hundreds of owners strive to make the visitor feel as if they were in their own home, while offering the charms of their home as incentives for a wonderful stay.

Casa Liberty stands out as one of the places of greatest cultural relevance, expressed in a passion for painting and for Afro-Cuban religious traditions. To learn more about the origins of this unique tradition, we talk to Edelis, the hostess of the place:

How does this merge of art and religion arise?
Art comes straight from the passion of my husband Umberto Fioroni for painting. He is the author of several paintings, and others belong to Miguel Rankin, a painter from here, Trinidad, who has recently passed away.

Religious images also have to do with him, because Umberto lived in some African countries, and there he became interested in the culture of those peoples.

In his opinion, they are in many ways more advanced than we are, even more than Europeans. He considers that Picasso witnesses this affirmation with the birth of Cubism, an artistic synthesis of African origin that is still only known and appreciated superficially in many parts of the world.

Umberto Fioroni, could you introduce the artist?
Umberto is Italian, he was born in a village in the Alps, towering mountains between Italy and Switzerland. Then, he lived in many countries.
For a long time, he lived in Paris, France. Then, he was transferred to Africa (Mali, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Burkina Faso) with another company Cementi Italiana, importer and distributor of cement.

From his stay in these countries he treasures many experiences, studying for years ancient and contemporary cultures and architectures, especially those of the Dogon people, which were an authentic original source and very advanced in the plastic culture of the whole world.
Then he came to live in Latin America, he was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in Manaus and Brazil. He returned to Italy. In 2005 he opened a Modern Art Gallery, “TEMARTE”, in the center of the City of Como, Lombardy, Italy.

Shortly after we moved to Mexico, where we lived for eight years, promoting with the Company, Nuova Genesis, receptive tourism in Mayan Villages, near archaeological sites. Until we returned to Cuba to found the Hostal Liberty where he has channeled all the artistic concerns that have resulted from so many different experiences.

As well as a painter, Umberto has been a press reporter for Swiss newspapers, “IL GIORNALE DEL POPOLO”, “COOP”, and Italians, “IL MANIFESTO”, with his weekly political magazine, and “LA MIA CASA”, an architecture magazine. He has also ventured as a writer: a dramatic novel of his, “DISPERATA PASSIONE D’UN SEMIDIO” is published on Amazon. His is also the translation into Spanish of this work, which will also be published on the same site.

Casa Liberty is located in the center of the city of Trinidad and stands as an accommodation that is distinguished by its attachment to art and cultural values of African religion. It also has a carefully designed architecture that includes Cuban pink marble floors.

And why name the house “Liberty”
Because the term is the synthesis of our highest aspiration. It summarizes in one word our deepest desires and wills.