Laguna Grande of Morón, better known as Laguna de la Leche is a fault line in the north of the city of Moron, in the central Cuban province of Ciego de Avila. It received this funny name by the unusual whiteness of its waters, which resemble milk. This phenomenon is explained by the presence of calcium sulphate and gypsum at the bottom of the lake, which cause this rare coloration. This wonderful site has a depth of around 9 feet and 8 miles in diameter, which communicate with the sea on the north side providing a mixture of landscapes that delight those who visit them.

The place’s flora is made up of several very useful trees such as occuje, oak, red mangrove, patabán and palm tree, while the fauna is made up of different species of ducks, yaguazas, corúas, manatees, caimans, among others. The marine species, on the other hand, are golden snapper, dolphin, shark and mullet.

One of the sites to enjoy Laguna de la Leche is the Morón Yack Club y La Atarraya, a bar-restaurant mounted on stilts in the water, a large ranchón where you can enjoy nowadays delicious dishes made of seafood, fish and paella.

There are other gastronomic and recreational facilities such as Cueva, a nightclub within the depths of a dark cave. But the most significant fact about Laguna de la Leche are its aquatic carnivals in the summer months, a tradition of many years in which the boats that participate in competitions and parades of colors, music and choreography are decorated.

Very close to Laguna de la Leche, there is the Museum of Archeology and History, the Railroad Terminal, the remains of La Trocha de Júcaro a Morón, and other interesting places in the city, an extra attraction to make your visit much more interesting

Curious is the legend of the feared Güije of the estuaries, a kind of animal similar to a monkey that was believed to inhabit the channel. It was described as having large eyes, round and black, ears tilted back that only showed at night and disappeared into the water.

Laguna de la Leche is an extraordinary place of Cuban geography, full of history and natural wealth, where you will feel in your own skin the riches of the Island of Cuba and its beautiful landscapes. For easy access to this interesting and unforgettable site you can stay in one of our houses located in the provinces of Ciego de Ávila, Trinidad or Camagüey, where good treatment and excellent service will make you want to repeat the visit.