The most important city in the southeastern Cuban province of Granma is its capital Bayamo, where there´s a great part of the Cuban History. Bayamo was the second village founded in the Major of Antilles with the name of San Salvador de Bayamo´s Village, in 1513. It was declared as National Monument in 1936, and ratified with that denomination in 1978, being the only Cuban city with that noble condition.

The patrimonial, architectonic and historical values of Bayamo turn the visit to this city into an encounter with the belligerent past of the Cuban people in XIX century. In this city was created the first romantic song, the National Anthem of Cuba, and it was also the protagonist of the independence wars. Bayamo has a rich and original culinary tradition, where the corn and cassava plates are abundant.

Bayamo is also known as The Torch City and the Carriages´ City. The first appellative comes from the Great Independence War, when, with the city freed, its inhabitants decided to burn the city for not turning back to the colonial control of Spain. The title of Carriages´ City has its origins in XIX Century, when the traditional carriages, pulled by horses, were the main means of transportation, a unique adventure you can experiment in this Cuban urbanity.

Among the places of obliged visit we have “La Dolorosa Chapel”, build between 1733 and 1740. The chapel is a faithful exponent of the colonial Cuban architecture and it´s carved in cedar wood and gold ply. To have fun and try the Cuban music traditions, the best place to visit is the “Casa de la Trova La Bayamesa”, with an infrastructure from the finals of XVIII century and a survivor of the city´ arson.

If you decide to visit Bayamo, you will also find the only Wax Museum that exhibits prominent personalities in different life´s aspects, such as literature (Gabriel García Márquez), music (Juan Formell), history (José Martí) and sports (the legendary Cuban boxer Teófilo Stevenson). At same time you can find the “Bayamo´s Paseo”, a journey through many streets, tinged of culture, beauty, art, trade and all kind of attractions for the entertainment of visitors.

Ruinas del primer cementerio de la ciudad de Bayamo

In Bayamo City you will have the chance of living the Cuban History in its deeper roots. You´ll enjoy the unique culinary benefits from this portion of the Cuban East and you´ll feel that past and present mix in a perfect harmony. Going back to Bayamo is the only way for satisfying your curiosity in the biggest island of the Caribbean.