Havana, Sights November 25, 2019

Fusterland, Fuster’s small city

It is true that in Barcelona stands Casa Fuster, a building recognized for its modernist architecture, designed and created by Lluís Domènech i Montaner in the early twentieth century. But in Cuba we have Fusterland, also known as Callejón de…

Havana, Sights October 20, 2019

Hamel, the famous Havana Alley

El Callejón de Hamel is one of the emblematic sites of Havana. Located between Aramburu and Hospital streets, in Cayo Hueso neighborhood in Centro Habana, it owes its name to the American-Franco-German Fernando Belleau de Hamel, arms carrier during the…

Havana, Sights August 27, 2019

Sloppy Joe´s Bar

Sloppy Joe´s Bar is one of the most emblematic attractions in this Old Havana. Its genesis dates back to the 20’s, 1917 exactly, and it reached its peak in the middle of the so-called Prohibition period in the United States…

Cienfuegos, Sights February 3, 2019

The only Arc de Triomphe

Cienfuegos, city of sea and countless touristic attractions, transcends due to its patrimonial value and genuine traditions. Its castles, and its seawall stand as faithful witnesses of a presumptuous existence, which turns this city, located in the center-south part of…

Havana, Sights October 26, 2018

El Caballero de Paris

Maybe the name José María López Lledín goes unnoticed among Habana inhabitants, but if we refer to him as El Caballero de París, few people will be unaware of the history of this man who lived in the streets of…

BBInn, Sights, Top July 9, 2018

Top 5 Cuban destinations for the summer

The summer is here and in BBInn we care about your vacations health :-), so here is our top 5 list of the best destinations for the season: Varadero, Viñales Valley, Trinidad, Havana and Cienfuegos. These destinations allow the tourists to discover the most…

The caldosa from Las Tunas

Cuban people, Las Tunas, Sights June 6, 2018

The Caldosa from Las Tunas

Las Tunas is a singular and welcoming city with a very hospitable people. It is also the main city of the province with the same name which is also known as “The capital of the Cuban sculpture” or “The Eastern…

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