Casas Particulares in Santo Tomas (2)

Valle de Santo Tomas is located ten minutes from the Vinales Valley. This beautiful and quiet valley is only 1km wide and 3.5km long, is a closed valley and in it is located the community Moncada, built in 1961 with a unique architecture of its kind in Cuba. In the valley everything is contrast and colorful; To the luxuriant green of the mogothic flora is opposed the soft green of the high pine forest, the dark color of the limestones contrasts with the yellow of the slate; The heights that surround it also contrast with the plains where the green of tobacco fields and coffee plantations proclaim the excellence of the privileged soil. In this beautiful natural setting you can visit the National School of Speleologist created in 1984 where one of the largest caves in Latin America is: Santo Tomas Cavern. You will be able to observe beautiful tobacco and coffee plantations, enjoy the richest Creole coffee in Cuba, beautiful rivers for enjoyment and excellent Cuban food. And if you are a lover of beach tourism 42km from our valley crossing an embankment you can enjoy a beautiful Cayo Jutias beach where you can dive, ride a boat, ride kayak and above all enjoy an excellent landscape and sun


  • 1 - Casa Los Naranjos
  • 2 - Casa Villa Los Cactus