Some 20 km's north of the autopista (at km marker 102) and some distance north of the entrance of Parque La Guira, between Soroa and Pinar del Rio, one can find this lovely village nested in rolling hills. Some 15 km (9 miles) west of here is the much-visited Cueva de los Portales where the Che had his HQ during the 1962 missile crisis. San Diego had a golden era when its thermal and curative baths (baños) (Closed at this time) — discovered in 1632 — were fully exploited.The town still shows quiet country charm in its small central park. It's about 133 km west of La Habana.

Villa Julio & Cary in San Diego offer 1 room, with private bathroom, air conditioning, fridge, meals and drinks parking, porch overlooks garden, near river where locals swim, nice retired people.
  • Air-conditioning + Private Bathroom
  • Private Patio + Garage available
  • Private entrance