Casas Particulares in Playas del Este (15)

The beaches east of Havana are known as "Playa del Este". They are just 20 minutes from Havana's downtown, and include from West to East: Bacuranao Beach, Tarara Beach, El Megano Beach, Santa Maria del Mar Beach, Boca Ciega Beach, Guanabo Beach, Veneciana Beach, Rincon Beach and Brisas del Mar Beach. Choose from 7 km of white sand beach. Bacuranao Beach is the closest to Havana, and strictly speaking is in the Celimar, Habana del Este district. Through the beach runs the fresh water Bacuranao creek. The beach is not easy for the tourist to find, but is popular with the locals and the Habaneros. Playa Santa Maria del Mar is a pleasant non-touristy beach, but packed with Habaneros at weekends. It has white sand with remains of coral and shells. Its waters are crystal clear with different shades of green and blue. Underwater, Santa María shows a beautiful landscape of coral reefs, shellfish and lively colored fish. It is an experience to dive in these waters, due to the abundance of the fauna and its irregular landscape. Guanabo is a charming seaside town with a magnificient beach and a nightlife provided by many discos. You can find too many small and picturesque towns or neighborhoods only 5 or 10 min: Barreras, Campo Florido, Alamar, Cojimar and Villa Panamericana.Taken from:

  • 1 - Casa Julia Fuentes
  • 2 - Casa Yose
  • 3 - Casa Villa Cloty
  • 4 - Casa Villa Arelis
  • 5 - Casa Brisas del Mar
  • 6 - Casa Casablanca
  • 7 - Casa Candy House
  • 8 - Casa Bertha y Fidel
  • 9 - Casa Bay House
  • 10 - Casa Triple AAA
  • 11 - Casa MaryAlojaCuba
  • 12 - Casa Villa Amelia
  • 13 - Casa Te Quedaras
  • 14 - Casa Monaco
  • 15 - Casa Hostal Te Quedaras