Casas Particulares in Palma Rubia (5)

Western Cuba, a stronghold for nature tourism, also features unique attractions for leisure on the several islets and keys that make up the Los Colorados archipelago. Western Pinar del Rio province boasts a wide range of options linked to the environment, including excellent Cuban beaches and many spots to practice scuba diving and snorkeling. That wide range of alternatives includes Cayo Levisa, off Pinar del Rio’s northern coast, where travelers arrive after a 30-minute boat trip from Palma Rubia. Three kilometers of excellent beaches and 23 diving sites turn Cayo Levisa into an excellent destination for diving enthusiasts, who can enjoy crystal-clear waters and one of the world’s largest coral reefs. Hotel Cayo Levisa runs two boats daily to Cayo Levisa leaving from Palma Rubia at 10am and 6pm. The trip takes 30 minutes. It may be possible to hire a boat to take you out if you miss the morning trip, but don't count on it. Return boats from Cayo Levisa leave for Palma Rubia at 9am and 5pm. If you don't have a prearranged tour to the island, the boat ride will run you $15 CUC per person round-trip. To get to Palma Rubia from Havana by car, drive the northern highway from Mariel to Bahía Honda and continue on for another 40km (25 miles) west to Palma Rubia. If you're coming from Viñales, drive north to La Palma and then another 21km (13 miles) northeast to the embarkation point. There is no regular or reliable bus service to Palma Rubia or Cayo Levisa. You could hire a taxi from Havana or take a tour from Viñales or Pinar del Río, but make sure you prearrange a pickup for your return trip if you come by taxi.

Pinar del Rio

  • 1 - Casa Villa Vista al Mar
  • 2 - Casa Villa de Trujillo
  • 3 - Casa Villa La Curva
  • 4 - Casa Juan y Silvia
  • 5 - Casa Mario & Antonia