Casas Particulares in Cerro/10 de Oct. (11)

At the end of the XVI century a gutter was dughtm. Such a gutter that supplied almost more than two centuries to Havana, delineated the course of the population's growth. Relatively parallel to The Real Gutter the road was made. This road became the Calzada del Cerro and Puentes Grandes. Cerro is one of the neighborhoods in the municipality of Havana, Cuba. Formerly it was neighborhood extramural of the capital, integral of your municipality. The foundation dates of the year 1803. For about twenty years, approximately from 1820 at 1840, Cerro was the place chosen by the empowered families of the capital for the summer. The rest has been work of the enlargement of the City of Havana that absorbed totally to Cerro.

  • 1 - Casa Villa Don Teto
  • 2 - Casa Zoe & Victor
  • 3 - Casa Ramiro’s House
  • 4 - Casa La Rosa D’Ortega
  • 5 - Casa M&M Cerro
  • 6 - Casa B & B 16
  • 7 - Casa La Casa de Carmen
  • 8 - Casa Hostal Las Margaritas
  • 9 - Casa Mayu
  • 10 - Casa Marthabana614
  • 11 - Casa MerLaz