Casas Particulares in Cayo Jutia (1)

Cayo Jutias, one of the islands that belongs to the archipelago of Las Coloradas, in western Cuba, is one of the attractions for tourism in the province of Pinar del Río basically clients that stay in Vinales. Characterized by fine sands, are visited by hundreds of tourists every year. Several species of endemic birds are part of the fauna, which includes the Batista hawk, hummingbird and woodpeckers. Among the biggest attractions of the place is its lighthouse, one of the oldest in the country with a history of over 100 years of service navigation. The access is thought a road via, which links the island to the mainland and allows the arrival of more visitors that can enjoy the beauty of this part of Cuba.

Pinar del Rio

  • 1 - Casa Villa Cayo Jutias