Casa Hostal El Carretero in Caibarien, modern and well appointed house located in Playa Caibarien. 2 charming rooms with all facilities for your stay: private terrace, aircon, private bath and hot water. Nice patio to enjoy specials meals or drinks made for Fenando or Maira the hosters. English and italian…
  • Air-conditioning + Private Bathroom
  • Private Terrace + Parking available
  • Private entrance
  • English and italian spoken
Casa Villa Espada in Caibarien. It is a house built in 1955 and it's located in one of the most important streets of the city, only 2 blocks from the main park and the main shopping centers, restaurants, exchange house and telephone company. It's also one block away from the…
  • Air conditioning + Private Bathroom
  • Terrace and/or Garden + Parking available
  • English spoken
Virginia's Pension in Caibarien town, modern house painted in blank, located in a fisherman's neighborhood and very safe. 2 rooms with most facilities: air conditioning, private bathrooms, hot water. Virginia, the hoster, offer you excelent dinner
  • Air-conditioning + Private Bathroom
  • Private entrance
  • English and Italian spoken