BBInn introduces novel offers to enjoy a vacations in Cuba. Great new offers are now available to make you feel an unique summer in the Greatest Isle of the Antilles. Excursions packages throughout excellent cities of Cuba, lodging at luxurious hotels and modern cars rent with great facilities. Come and visit an Isle full of charming.

The guarantee of an unforgettable stay is offered by BBinn Agency. In this occasion, it not only enables five of the best destinations to enjoy summer but also, it suggests novel offers that will facilitate you to go through a great vacation trip with attractive experiences that undoubtedly will make you return back to this kind of paradise place where fun and culture are joined together.


Vacational offers

On this opportunity, the Agency offers the visitors different excursions packages that include stays to diverse sites, the pathways are developed by different trips incursions so the tourist will be able to know the most fascinating traces of each place.

A Cuban Tobbaco farm
Discover Cuba with our new vacational offers, which includes tours and lodging in Casas Particulares

The packages of the trips include transportation, assistance of our tour guides, who provide the greatest amount of information about each place to visit; it is also included private lodging housing or hotels according to the tourist’s preferences, excellent tours and a customized service is guaranteed.

8 days: Havana-Viñales-Varadero

10 days: Havana-Trinidad-Varadero

15 days: Havana-Viñales-Cienfuegos-Trinidad-Varadero.


A restless atmosphere and exotic places. Morro Cabaña, the boulevards or just the streets of Old Havana or Vedado neighborhood are important path ways if you want to know the best part of the capital, emblematic sites that reveal the history of our city. As well as Hemingway’s house, the Grand Theater, are revealing spaces. Havana with full crowded avenues and the classic cars is a zone to meet with the most genuine of the Island that reveals itself to anyone that gets close to it.


Exuberant natural sceneries with exotic caves may be discovered in this territory.

Together with our tour guide, you will be able to know the farms where Cuban cigars are produced and you will learn all about the manufacturing process, at the same time, you will spend time to walk through town and to visit a lot of rural restaurants located in this region.


On its side, The Villa of “La Santísima Trinidad” is a city breathing history. With pebble streets and a beautiful staircase, Trinidad exhibits the best Latin-American buildings collection from the XVIII, XIX, and XX centuries. It also treasures one of the richest natural landscapes of the Island: Topes de Collantes.

Accompanied by the Agency tour guides, the tourists as well will ride on bike-taxis, and know the city suburbs so that; discover Cuban people everyday life of those who live here. At the same time, they will spend time to make a walk tour through the ancient sugar cane factories located at the sugar cane mills, Valle de los Ingenios. During the tour they will be able to visit the lookout tower to enjoy the remarkable view sight of San Isidro Valley.


The hometown of the Cuban music legend, Benny Moré, who was born in 1919, it is also an attractive French Colonial large city, very tidy, with wide streets and a very marked neoclassical architecture. Its striking fortresses and beautiful bay are the most amazing traces of this community. This destination doesn’t omit the presence of amazing places of great interest parting from the very Cienfuegos city malecon even the historical park, José Martí which is included in the list of attractions of this everlasting city.


To those beaches lovers, BBinn, gives the opportunity of enjoying the best sunny health resort and beach of the Island where tourists, if they desire, may practice water sports. Located just at 150 meters from the beach there is a beautiful residence that will allow you to rest after daily activities. Night life, in Varadero is very famous too by its constant fun time. This large city is programmed to be one of the last ones to be visited, so it provides a perfect end for a vacation time; that for sure: will become unforgettable.


Hotels booking

Cuban beach
Hotels bookings requests are now available.

Another “good news” from BBinn is the possibility of staying at hotels in the Island. The Agency is encharged of offering a wide list of the most luxurious ones, the travellers may choose according to their preferences. The tour guides take the tourists to the chosen destination and according the period of time to be spent during vacation in the Island, the visitor will be able to plan excursions through the city they may prefer.

Some of the most outstanding hotels along the Island are:

  1. Hotel Barceló Cay Libertad Club Premium located in .
  2. Hotel Barceló Cay Santa María Beach & Colonial Resort in Cay Santa María.
  3. Hotel Blau Colonial Cay Coco located in Cay Coco.
  4. Hotel Iberostar Grand Hotel in Trinidad.
  5. Hotel Meliá Cohiba located at Vedado neighborhood.


Car rental

The car rental service is another novel offer from Binn Agency for this summer. With the only aim of making the customers be pleased and also guarantee travellers wellbeing, BBinn offers the opportunity of renting an automobile for personal use, that is; with hand gears, or automatic ones, in the category of economical, average, luxurious, and jeeps, besides of different brands and models. The comfort of these vehicles is guaranteed: air-conditioned, radio, cassette reproducers, lateral impact bars, airbags, alarms, CD players, electric windows, ABS, lateral air bags, traction system in all wheels, leather seats, convertible covers, of electrical operations and locks.

These facilities will guarantee the visitors joy and delight, to all those that arrive to our Island to discover and enjoy the best of Caribbean vacations.